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Simple Tips for Memorizing Passages of the Bible

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Memorizing Scripture is a great and beneficial discipline, but it can be difficult to do. Here is an article that discuses the benefits to memorizing Scripture. Knowing the benefits will motivate you to get in there and memorize God’s Word. However, it still takes time, effort, and concentration. So, here are a few simple tips that will, hopefully, help.

Getting Ready Tips

Take advantage of your youth. Most of us don’t realize that our younger days are the best for memorizing scripture. Things seem to click better and faster now than later on in life. Taking time to discipline yourself while your brain is in it’s prime time. Also, if you have younger siblings or friends take time to help them as well. You may know how much of an influence you can be for those younger than yourself.

Set a realistic goal for a realistic passage. Set time goals for yourself as a challenge. This can be a wonderful motivation. Although, don’t overwhelm yourself with memorizing to much in a little amount of time. Of coarse, push yourself to new and exciting goals, but do it in a reasonable way. You can memorize as much as you like, (the more the better!) but don’t stifle yourself with a short time limit.

Try using a variety of the ideas and personalize them to your style.

Read the Verses Carefully

Reading is a great way to create a foundation of understanding the passage that you have chosen to memorize. Learn the context, the author, and those being addressed. To keep reading your passage, try printing or writing it out and putting it where you can see it often. Repetition is key to memorization.

Draw and Write out the Passage

Writing tips

Writing is a great way to ingrain something into your mind. It uses your hands, eyes, and imagination. To make it more interesting try adding your own style into the work. Here are some ideas:

Add pictures or symbols to help you.

Use calligraphy

Draw word pictures

Highlight the Passage

Try Typing

Typing is a great way to memorize fast. The reason why I put this in here is because of an amazing website/app that I use called, Bible Memory. It has a free version that works great!

The Bible Memory App

Scripture Songs

Scripture put to music is powerful! Songs become drilled much better in the mind than perhaps any other method. There are some wonderful albums out there to help you memorize scripture.

Bible Verse Games and Puzzles

This one is fun! I have heard that your brain can remember better with a puzzle. There are lots of Bible verse adaptable puzzle games that can help you with memory. Here is one that my family enjoys!

The Dry Erase Game

*Best with a group of people

To start, all you need is a dry erase board and dry erase markers, (a chalk board would work just as well.) and your Bible passage.

1. Write out the whole Bible passage. (If you have chosen a large passage, you might have to do the game in parts.)

2. Now everyone says the passage together once.

3. Next, the person in charge of the board will strategically erase a word or words and put a blank in it’s stead. (See the example below.)

Dry Erase Board 1

Now an order can be arranged of who starts. (Youngest works best, because the game gets harder as it goes along.)

4. Everyone now reads the verse aloud until a blank is reached and then the chosen person will have to remember the word.

Once the verse is completed, the eraser person will erase yet another word and it will be the next person’s turn to remember.

This goes on until the whole verse is erased and when everyone has had a chance to say the verse with an empty erase board.

Dry Erase Board 3
Dry Erase Board 4
If everyone is still struggling, play again or write the first letter of each word that you are having trouble with. (See example above.)

Well, I hope that this will help you as you seek to study and meditate upon God’s Word. Keep up the good work!

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